The all new for 2019 '4 Pull UP Vest' in Black, Cyan or Camouflage (Yellow now sold out) is based on the original 2 Pull design with the addition of a further 2 pulls for those who prefer the knowledge that they have that extra time out on the water should it be required. You've asked and we have made!


Made from our signature 4 way stretch fabric.


Depending on where in the world you are Surfing,  SUP’ing or on the water we are aware that there are sometimes difficulties sourcing Co2 refills for your Blue Soup UP or SUP Vest (as the cylinders are available with different thread sizes 1/2” or 3/8”). So with this in mind the team at Blue Soup have decided to give you the customer the option to chose which size works best for where you. So when you order you’re UP or SUP Vest make sure you check the box that indicates the size thread you would like on your inflation head.


You are ordering your UP Vest on the understanding that it can take up to 6 weeks to produce to order in the UK. We always endeavor to beat this timescale and will keep you updated with tracking order. 


Please Note:


  • Your UP Vest is not delivered with Co2 cylinders due to restrictions in some countries with shipping. We recomend you purchase your cylinders from a reputable supplier in your area.


IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER for Orders shipping OUTSIDE of the UK.


Duties and Taxes:

  • Import duties, taxes, and brokerage fees are not included in the product price or shipping and handling cost.  These charges are the buyer’s responsibility as we are only charging the transportation fee for your order.  You may check with your country’s customs office to determine if there will be additional costs.

Regulations and Restrictions:

  • The buyer is responsible for obtaining information regarding their country’s laws, regulations, and restrictions that may apply when purchasing our products.  By placing an international order (shipping outside of the UK) the buyer is responsible for abiding by their country’s laws, regulations, and restrictions. If product is seized and destroyed by customs, we will NOT be responsible for the losses, product, or shipping refunds.

UP Vest 4 Pull - Black, Cyan or Camouflage

CO2 Thread Size
  • The Blue Soup 4 Pull inflatable UP Vest is available in three designs - Black, Cyan or Camouflage


    The outer vest is manufactured in the United Kingdom from a four way stretch material that is unique to the water sports safety world, manufactured for use in the incredibly tough world of full contact field sports.


    The most important element the inflation system is again manufactured in the United Kingdom by our specialist manufacturing partner who has over half a century of experience in design and production of life vests and other safety at sea products.


    The inflatable lung that gives the Blue Soup UP Vest its buoyancy has been specially designed to give the maximum amount of lift (for those technically minded over 100n’s worth) and to keep the wearer afloat in a head back position. The lungs design has been thoroughly tested and can withstand pressures over and above the industry standard (20-22 psi), in fact we have tested the production lung and it exceeded the industry standard by 6 psi.


    The inflation system is controlled by pulling the four control tabs situated high on either side of the chest; this activates the Co2 cylinders and thus inflates the lung. There is an oral inflation tube located high on the chest on the right hand side that can be accessed by the wearer and buoyancy can be added without activating the Co2 supply. There is a dump valve tab located on the left hand side above the hip that can be used to regulate the vests buoyancy and the dump valve also acts as an over fill pressure release should both cylinders be accidently activated simultaneously.


    Please also note that your UP Vest is not delivered with Co2 cylinders due to restrictions in some countries with shipping. We recomend you purchase your cylinders from a reputable supplier in your area.


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