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Jeff Scott

I am a father of two young children and partner to my long term fiancé (21 years together, 16 years engaged!) I have a van security business in Eastbourne called ‘Sussex Installations’ and life is very busy between being a dad, running a business and chasing waves!

I always loved the water, swimming and hanging out at the pool or the beach as a kid. I then managed to get into all sorts of petrol head type of activities in my teenage years; which I think is something that is in my blood (as I would later in life find out that my biological father was a very talented racing driver, who was senior team mate to Ayrton Senna in Formula Ford and very briefly made it all the way to formula 1). I was into anything I could get my hands on including; motorbikes, Moto X racing, banger racing, go-karts, cars and anything that gave that adrenaline rush related to speed and racing. Then at 21 I discovered windsurfing; which was my 1st ocean sport and I absolutely loved it and lived it with a passion for the next 17 years (although I kitesurfed, surfed and paddle boarded during that time when the conditions favoured the alternative sport). I found that as time went on it had became all about waves for me, my focus for the day would be riding waves (rather than jumping waves / aerial tricks) and I would pick the location and time based around the best and the biggest waves available instead of meeting my friends at the beach.

I live in Eastbourne on the South Coast of England and we are so far up the English channel that big clean waves are not something that happens here!! We really need a named storm / hurricane to blow through to really get some sizeable waves here and they can be very messy and sometimes blown out. It’s probably not the best conditions for surfing with a short board, but those conditions can be really great fun and amazing to ride if you have right tool for the job and for me that was mostly windsurfing the waves (waveriding). I’ve windsurfed some amazing spots in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the Canary Islands over the years and I particularly loved the days that brought the biggest waves. One day while attending the BWA (British Wavesailing Association) Cornwall event in Gwithian we all (windsurfers) stood on the windless beach and watched perfectly formed 6m waves rolling in and it was just not possible to windsurf them.

I decided that day that I needed to find another way to ride waves, I struggled to find anyone local to me that wanted to join me in starting a tow surf crew and so carried on windsurfing waves. Then in December 2016 I managed to buy my 1st JetSurf (Motorised Surfboard) and I thought to myself that this would be my 1 man tow in crew! Since then I have been enjoying and training in all wave conditions I can, learning how to best use the motorised surfboard in waves, how to safely get in and out of the water on those big days and generally developing the new sport.

In February 2018 my big wave dreams came true when I flew out to Portugal (on a forecast that I had seen 3 days earlier) with the intention of riding Nazaré. It was a massive gamble! Was I reading the forecast right? Would there be any waves? Would the Portuguese government let me ride the North Beach? Was my JetSurf raceboard capable of riding those waves? Was I capable of riding those waves? What could go wrong? And is there anyway it could go right?

As it happened it all worked out perfectly and I had an amazing time, I learned allot about the spot, my board and the sport; both during that day and reflecting on what happened afterwards. I have since released a 9 part mini series all about using motorised surfboards in waves; which I filmed with Mike Zed of Jetsurfing Nation, while in Portugal. I have also been preparing continue to develop the sport of using motorised surfboards in big waves, by sourcing the best equipment and techniques for both riding the waves and being safe in the water.

I am very happy to be an ambassador of the sport of Jetsurf Waveriders and an ambassador for Bluesoup and their amazing UPVest, to help them to help us to be safe on the water.

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Jeff Scott – Jetsurf Waveriders


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