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Eric Akiskalian

Today at 58, Eric Akiskalian has become one of the most respected big wave tow-in surfers, promoters, ocean safety and international logistics specialists in the industry. Eric grew up surfing in Santa Barbara, CA and has been a local fixture at Rincon Point 'The Queen of The Coast' since 1975. Eric also continues to push his personal limits and goals of chasing big swells around the world, all while promoting the sport he loves. Eric currently owns and manages which is a website he founded in 1998 to promote the sport of big wave surfing, the athletes, contests, news, interviews and swell forecasts. There is also an online store offering safety components to outfit all PWC's and a wide range of tow-in equipment. Eric is now offering a list of professional services from PWC training, ocean safety/education, water safety, tow-in training, travel surf guide, commentary to international logistics for television/film/event/sports productions.


Danilo Couto / Peter Conroy - B.W.R.A.G. Big Wave Risk Assessment Group Training - Nazare, Portugal World Surf League (WSL) Big Wave Event – Water Safety – Lincoln City, Oregon
Red Chargers Film Project – Water Safety and Shuttle – Nazare, Portugal
Ironman of Surfing – Ocean Safety and Water Patrol
U.S. Coast Guard – Ocean Search and Rescue Training
Ocean Safety Educational Course University of Hawaii State License
Archie Kalepa – Ocean Safety Rescue and PWC Technician Course Maui, HI
Brian Keaulana – Risk Management Course System and Incident Command
Shawn Alladio – K-38 Ocean Rescue and PWC Operation
Certified in CPR & First Aid
PWC Operation and Experience in Lakes and Rivers since 1980
PWC Operation and Experience in Large Surf Conditions since 2000
Vessel Safety Check- U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary

Eric’s training program emphasizes extensive physical and mental training, healthy diet, drug, and alcohol-free lifestyle, along with maintaining constant respect for the ocean and making safety the number one priority. His expertise and level of safety knowledge comes from his years of surfing and training in locations like Mavericks, CA – Jaws, HI – Teahupo’o, Tahiti – Shark Park, CA – Cortes Banks, CA – Todos Santos, Mexico – Puerto Escondido, Mexico – Nelscott Reef and South Reef, OR – Puente De Lobos, Chile – Ghost Trees, CA – Outer Reefs, North Shore, HI – Cloudbreak Fiji, – Nazare, Portugal and other global locations.

To say Eric has "been there done that" would be an understatement and his involvement in the world of water sport and safety is second to none - to find out even more about him you can check out his bio on his website here

Blue Soup are delighted to be working with Eric and he is now, through his business Towsurfer, a re-seller for the UP Vest in the Pacific Northwest - to check out and order through Eric if thats your area then click here to find out how to buy.


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