Adam Amin

"I have always focused my energy on living any dreams I have and I will never stop"

Current location of this surfing enthusiast: Adam (21), orginates from Devon, England but now lives in a famous small town called Paia which is located on Maui, Hawaii. It is a sunny, windy town known as one of the great hubs for world class wind surfing sports. This is where he works making surfboards for his own brand 'A.S.S', repairing surfboards, tattooing, and cooking in a small cafe.

Childhood Shenanigans: Adam had a very interesting and complicated childhood. He traveled to many countries with his three older brothers and parents. His parents had multiple businesses and homes in Indonesia which eventually collapsed. Adam and his brothers were taken with their father and were not able to see their mother for three years, causing the boys to be exposed to a harsh reality in Saudi Arabia. Adam and his three older brothers were eventually 
reunited in a dramatic and unexpected way. His mother won mother of the year in England (award By Tesco's), was one of the first women to win in a court case in Saudi Arabia and she has written a very successful autobiography called 'REUNITED IN THE DESERT'. 

Adam has competed in various shortboard competitions winning a few but losing more... He has a very competitive nature. He would often become stressed and angry at other competitors as he quotes, "As a young and immature kid, I used to purposely ride into surfers just because they were competitive with me or give me a dirty look. This competitive arena took the joy of surfing away from me." After swiftly stopping his competitions because of this, he started traveling at age 15 to surf spots around the world on his own and started falling in love with bigger, scarier waves.  


Current Shenanigans: Adam first became noticed for his big wave surfing when he surfed the famous big wave spot Peahi, also known as "Jaws", before the first Big Wave World Tour competition was held there. While big names of the sport got ready for competing, he took off on a set wave with no inflation vest to prove he did not have to rely on safety equipment. He knows he can rely on his breath and being able to take multiple waves on the head. 

Adam now uses the utmost safety methods possible such as, the UP Vest from us in order to feel more comfortable physically and mentally, and works with a jet ski safety partner. He currently has a great surfer and safety jet ski rider called Alex Merc on board, traveling with him and making a great name for himself towing into liquid mountains, towing others into bombs, and saving many lives including Adam. 

His dream several years ago was to merely surf jaws but now he lives a stones throw away and surfs the infamous spot every time its ride-able, whether small or big, sketchy or forgiving (as forgiving as it gets anyway!) and has become a regular face in the line up. 

During his big wave career with various sponsors, he has picked up a new nickname of "Adam Bomb" and has surfed with the best of the best in the great sport. Without a major sponsor currently, Adam works many hours to fund his surfing lifestyle as well as a future dream of surfing many big wave spots such as, Mavericks, Dungeons, Nazare etc. 

We at Blue Soup would never want to suppress Adams enthusiasm or dreams but we are pleased that he now takes his safety so seriously hence why we are delighted to have him now wearing one of our UP Vests and part of our growing ambassador team. 


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