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The Blue Soup Equipment Company is a United Kingdom based company that has worked in conjunction with international water sports athletes to specialise in developing innovative and exciting safety equipment that is manufactured solely in the United Kingdom.

Blue Soup’s lead product set is the 'UP Vest' -  a water sports safety device that we feel will revolutionise safety on the water for any level of participant, be it an international surfer to a fitness enthusiast on his Stand Up Paddle board.

The UP Vest unlike its competitors is manufactured from a material that is extremely light, extremely flexible and extremely tough, originally developed for use in full contact sports such as professional and international rugby and American football. 

The material has a 4 way stretch capability and is light enough to be worn on its own and is flexible enough to be worn over a  wet suit or impact vest and as you can see we can produce the outer vest in a number of designs and Blue Soup will produce a number of themed versions as well as new designs for each new season on the water.

At Blue Soup your safety is the most important thing on our minds and in conjunction with our manufacturing partner SeaSafe Systems who have been designing and manufacturing life vests in the United Kingdom for over 50 years we feel that we have developed the most effective inflation system available today for a water safety product. Over a period of 3 years we have experimented with the design and have now produced a product that will lift you rapidly to the surface in a head back and above the water position.

This crucial element along with the outer vest is The UP Vest is 100% produced in the United Kingdom so we at Blue Soup can keep complete track on our manufacturing process and product testing and ensure you have the best standards adhered to.

Head over to our Video Library and our Gallery to see more of the UP Vest in action.

UP Vest
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UP Vest
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UP Vest
UP Vest
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